About Marianne Craig MCC
Mentor Coach

Forever Scottish and based in the seaside town of Brighton in the UK, I work with coaches face to face locally, and worldwide via telephone, Skype and Zoom.

About me and how I work

A graduate of leading coach training provider Coach U, I have been working as a coach for twenty years and have delivered over 10,000 hours of coaching with hundreds of clients.

I am a member of the International Coach Federation and I am committed to its standards and ethics. I have been awarded the designation Master Certified Coach (MCC) by the ICF and am one of only a handful of coaches in the UK to have this professional accreditation.

I have considerable experience of mentor coaching, having worked with scores of coaches in the UK and abroad. I am:

  • Co-founder of Firework Coaching Company: Working with Careershifters, we licence career coaches to deliver our pioneering Firework Career Coaching Programme.
  • I have been a mentor coach on the Henley Business School Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching.


A large proportion of my business comes to me through personal referrals and recommendations from clients who value the results they achieve from working with me and from the coaching process.

I have thirty years experience as a business owner, coach and consultant and I enjoy working with men and women who want to make changes or who are seeking a more fulfilled life. I particularly enjoy working with people who, like me, feel compelled to make a difference in their community or in the world as a whole.

Wealth of experience

I am passionate about my work and I draw on my wealth of experience in my coaching.

I am resourceful, compassionate and committed. I am practical with a sense of humour and my style is fast paced and conversational, with a light touch. I listen well and people value my warm intuitive approach and progressive attitude. I have faced difficulties in my life and I believe that the experience of overcoming adversity and moving forward has strengthened my abilities as a coach. Educated at Edinburgh and East London Universities, I have worked as a writer, research consultant, and senior manager. I have run my own home based decorative crafts business and facilitated workshops on rediscovering creativity. As co-ordinator of the Women and Work Hazards Group, I researched and wrote the best selling Office Workers' Survival Handbook.

Sound of seagulls

Originally from Glasgow, I have lived and worked in Edinburgh, London, New York, Geneva and Sydney.

Nowadays many of my Zoom clients say they enjoy the sound of Brighton’s seagulls when I work from the garden or by an open window. The sound often evokes memories of holidays at the coast and reminds them of life beyond work...


I have given back to the community in different ways. Over a period of seven years I volunteered with Body Positive and the Sussex Beacon working with people with HIV through stress management work.

I am a founding partner of Social Movement Coaching offering pro bono coaching to support climate justice leaders across the world.

Violence against women and girls in conflict is “one of history’s great silences”, as the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women called it. As a founding trustee, I helped set up RAW: Reaching All Women in War, aimed at highlighting this silence.

I love TED talks (www.ted.com) and I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to coach Ted Fellows through the HF Initiative.

Locally in Brighton I am involved with an an exciting project to regenerate a community hall. Local people campaigned to save Exeter Street Hall and we came together to buy it for the community. We are now actively involved in renovating and running the hall. See www.exeterstreethall.org.


I have worked by telephone and Zoom with personal and business coaches in many countries including Brazil, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand and many European countries – as well as with new and experienced coaches throughout the UK.

My coach clients have  included people starting out on their coach training, and coaches trained by a variety of coach training schools.

Please email me if you would like to have a chat about mentor coaching. Whether you are in the UK or beyond I am happy to call you!