Coaching Supervision

  • Are you ready to stretch and learn as a coach?
  • Do you want to take time to reflect on your work?
  • Are you looking for support for yourself in your coaching practice?

In coaching supervision, you the coach, get to think about what you do in your coaching - the choices you make, any blind spots you may have, and together we explore best practice. Through coaching supervision, you deepen your self-awareness, making you an even better coach.

My Approach: Reflective Practice

My approach in coaching supervision is a reflective and facilitating one.  I partner you to stand back and reflect on your work, to learn and gain perspective. One great way to think about this work is as Super-vision….where together we review all aspects of your coaching work with your clients, so you can be the best coach you can be.

My style is collaborative and intuitive. I am also practical and down to earth, sharing resources from my experience of 25 years in business as a coach. My approach is a facilitative, supportive one, not a policing one!

“Marianne has been my personal development Coach for over 5 years now so when I decided to be in Coaching Supervision I had no hesitation in re-contracting with her for my development in this field. Marianne is an experienced and insightful Coach who creates a wonderful 'space' to work in. I would recommend her without hesitation.”
Anne Pink, New Horizons Coaching and Consultancy

Benefits of coaching supervision:

  • Grow your skills and competence
  • Align with professional standards and ethics
  • Reflect on your work with your clients
  • Share my experience and resources
  • Gain insight and clarity going forward
  • Gain deeper knowledge and wisdom
  • Get feedback on your coaching
  • Have a sounding board for your work
  • Build your confidence
  • Try out new ways of working

"Marianne has been my coaching supervisor since 2013 and her support is invaluable to my coaching practice. It is tremendously useful to talk through some of my more challenging coaching engagements with someone who I know will listen without judgment and who is skilled enough to pose a question or offer an insight which can help unlock a new approach or re-frame my thinking. My conversations with Marianne are frequently most useful to provide a sounding board for the approach I am taking with a client and to consider alternative options. It is less common for me to bring an ethical or contracting issue to supervision, however these are the occasions on which I most value Marianne's experience, wisdom and calm head and I cannot imagine being without her thoroughly professional support on such occasions."

Melissa Roberts, Executive Coach

How it works

Together we establish each session’s focus and desired outcome. Normally you bring a specific client situation or set of issues which you wish to reflect on. Together we take time to stand back and reflect on all aspects of the situation, your relationship with your client and the wider system and context of the coaching. Where appropriate, we take into consideration the organisation purchasing coaching. We share ideas, establish the learning and, as in coaching, you commit to any future action arising from the supervision session. I will also listen to recorded sessions and provide feedback as required.

To get the best out of coaching supervision, it needs to be regular. How often depends on the number of clients you have and how experienced you are. Most of my supervisees have monthly sessions. You may want more or fewer regular sessions, and we can discuss what would be most appropriate for you. The sessions are one-hour long and are available by telephone or Zoom or face-to-face in my home office in Brighton.

My training and qualifications.

In coaching supervision, I bring together my experience and exceptional coaching skills, as well as all my training and qualifications. I graduated from CoachU in 1998 and was awarded Master Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation in 2005. I qualified as a coaching supervisor with the Coaching Supervision Academy in 2007. I have run my own successful coaching business for 25 years and am the co-founder of the Firework Coaching Company. I have supported many coaches in their application for accreditation. As a mentor coach and coaching supervisor, I have worked with coaches with varied training and experience working in a range of settings.


My fees for coaching supervision are variable. They are calculated to reflect your experience as a coach and the rates you charge your own clients.

Contact me for further information either by email or you can call me on  +44 (0)7816 649797